Great SaaS Marketers Think Revenue First

Take a seat at the revenue table by building a growth plan based on solid unit economics and business fundamentals.

The lingua franca of business is revenue, not leads. However, as marketers we are taught to think in terms of leads first. Nowhere else in the business do leads take on such an important role as they do in marketing.

Herein lies the problem with many marketers today. After years of making lead commits, we fall back on our understanding of the business. We focus on generating leads that hopefully become revenue.

It's time to turn this thinking on it's head. Leads are great, revenue is everything. Every lead you generate is in service to revenue generation. Never forget it. So why not start the conversation with revenue?

That's exactly what you need to do. Your CEO, your company's board, and the investors are shaping goals all around revenue. You should do the same. That is why Firebrand builds growth plans around the core unit economics that drive modern SaaS businesses. With revenue at the core of each plan, Firebrand aims to empower marketers to drive meaningful conversations around revenue generation, not just lead commits.