Build a SaaS Growth Plan in Minutes

Quickly plot out month-by-month lead commits, projected revenue, and a marketing budget.

revenue chart

Start Talking Revenue

Don't fall into the trap of only talking about leads. Your CEO, board and investors want to know how much revenue marketing will deliver. Firebrand plots monthly MRR and ARR growth goals as well as the leads and budget needed to get you there.

unit economics table

Know Your Unit Economics

Do you know your total cost of customer acquisition? How about the payback period on your marketing spend? Firebrand automatically calculates CAC, payback period, and the month-over-month growth rate for every plan you create.

leads chart

Visualize Your Plan

Each plan you create has a month-by-month chart visualizing the relationship between MRR, ARR, new leads, closed deals and marketing budget. The underlying data is easily exported to a CSV to use in regular marketing planning presentations and spreadsheets.